Key points

  • We recommend to consult your poison centre with the use of this antidote.
  • Flumazenil is contraindicated in:
    • Coma of unknown origin or coma in setting of co-ingestion of another toxic substance, particularly proconvulsants (antidepressants, cocaine, etc.)
    • In epileptic patients
    • In benzodiazepine-dependent patients
    • In patients with an EKG consistent cyclic antidepressants poisoning (terminal R wave in aVR, QRS widening).
  • Flumazenil is not recommended for intubated patients.
  • The duration of action of flumazenil (1 h) is shorter than the effect of most benzodiazepines; patients will require close monitoring, as repeat doses may be needed.
  • Onset of action in 1 to 3 min; peak action in 6 to 10 min; half-life of approx. 1 h.

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