A vast territory and a diverse population 

The CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale serves the regions of Charlevoix, Quebec and Portneuf. It meets the needs of more than 755,459 citizens who reside in an area of ​​18,643 km2: 

  • (4%) Charlevoix 

  • (7%) Portneuf 

  • (89%) Quebec 

  • 17% of the population is aged 0 to 17, and 21% is 65 and over 

Porcentage de répartition de la population

To find out more about the health data for this population, consult the report The health of the population of the Capitale-Nationale in brief. (in French only) 

The CIUSSS's characteristics 

  • The CIUSSS is the organization with the largest number of employees (over 19,900) in health and social services in the Capitale-Nationale region. 

  • It constitutes a network of excellence in health care and social services, research and teaching, while ensuring the promotion and protection of public health. 

  • It places the user at the center of its decisions and actions. 

  • It brings together 4 research centers and 4 university institutes. 

  • It collaborates with 12 foundations.It is responsible for more than 200 installations. 

  • It provides care and services to the English-speaking community and to the immigrant population in its territory. 

  • It manages an annual operating budget of $ 1.6 billion. 

To find out more about the organization,see the Portrait general du CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale. (in French only)