Key points

  • We recommend to consult your poison centre with the use of this antidote.
  • In the case of poisoning by co-ingestion of digitalis glycosides, the use of calcium is not recommended until treatment with digoxin Fab fragments is administered.
  • One ml of a 10% solution (1 g/10 ml 100 mg/ml) of calcium gluconate contains 9.3 mg (0.23 mmol) of elemental calcium.
  • Treatment Algorithms for Cardiovascular Toxicity 
  • For exposure to hydrofluoric acid (HF) or ammonium bifluoride, be sure to decontaminate skin properly (e.g., water, hexafluorine (commercial name) solution) and debride and clean nails. Cutaneous signs are not indicative of burn severity. Rely on the intensity of the pain instead.
  • If HF or ammonium bifluoride burn is on more than 1% of the body surface with a concentrated solution (greater or equal to 50% for HF), watch for signs of systemic involvement (hypocalcemia, hypomagnesemia and symptomatic hyperkalemia with cardiac dysrhythmias).
  • If HF or ammonium bifluoride burn is ocular, irrigation with a crystalloid solution is the first choice. LR has a more suitable pH than NS, but both can be used.

Last updated : 2024-01-30