Program of Access to Services in English

As required by the Act respecting health services and social services, English-speaking residents of Québec are entitled to health and social services in their own language, taking into account how institutions that offer such services are organized and their human, material, and financial resources.

The Comité régional pour les programmes d’accès à des services de santé et des services sociaux en langue anglaise de la Capitale-Nationale is studying the needs of the region’s English-speaking population and has developed the 2023-2026 Program of Access to Health Services and Social Services in the English language. (in French)

Under the program, some institutions provide certain services in English, but not all services and not at all times. It depends on staff availability and the type of service required. For more information, visit the Éducaloi capsule on the rules surrounding health and social services in English.

In this section, you will find an overview of health and social services offered in English in the Capitale-Nationale region (Greater Québec City) as they appear in the access program.

Other places offering specialized care in English