Your rights and our ethical commitments  

At its regular meeting of March 20, 2018, the Board of Directors adopted the first code of ethics of the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale.  

This code is consistent with the institution's mission, vision and values, and complies with accreditation standards.  

This essential reference tool is the result of consultations with staff members, volunteers, users’ and residents’ committees, the Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner and professional councils. This Code reflects the mission, vision and values of our organization and serves as a guide for all care providers and partners regarding the practices and conduct that will ensure all users are treated with respect, dignity and compassion.  

Our shared vision of offering the best possible care and services to our users requires all of us to put into practice the measures contained in the Code of Ethics. 

We invite you to read it in order to understand each person's responsibilities.  

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