One-off medical appointment

You don’t have a family doctor and you need a medical consultation? You can book a one-off medical appointment at a super-clinic (FMG access-network).

Network FMGs (FMGs-N) and access FMGs (FMGs-A) are super-clinics. These are groups of family doctors who work together and in close collaboration with other healthcare professionals, such as nurses and social workers. Their services meet semi-emergency needs or simple emergencies. 

A super-clinic offers patients registered with this FMG and people without a family doctor

  • One-off medical appointments the same day or the next day (most of the time);
  • On-site or nearby specimens and imaging services;
  • Follow-up medical appointments for patients registered with this FMG.

Super-clinics are open 7 days a week, up to 12 hours a day, with some exceptions.

List of super-clinics (network FMGs and access FMGs)