Here's how to make an appointment and prepare for your blood test or sample.

How to make an appointment

To have your blood drawn or sample taken, you must make an appointment. These services are not offered in "walk-in" mode at our blood centers.

Make an appointment online or by phone?

  • NON urgent appointment : In order to save time, make your appointment online. If you need help booking your appointment online, call us.
  • Urgent Appointment : If your prescription says "urgent", please note that urgent same-day appointments are available, call us.

By internet: how to make an appointment

  1. Go to
  2. In "Select a service", choose "Blood work and samples". Click on "Select this service".
  3. In "Enter your postal code", enter your postal code. Click on "Search".
  4. To see only locations that offer free service, click on "Hide Paid Services".
  5. Find the collection center and time that is most convenient for you.
  6. Click on "Appointment" and follow the steps.

Please note: in some cases, appointments can only be made by phone

  • If you do not have a Quebec health insurance card (RAMQ)
  • Vaginal culture
  • Sample for children aged 0 to 7 years
  • Induced hyperglycemia 75g (HGOP 75g)
  • Pregnancy follow-up
  • Delivery of containers

By phone: how to make an appointment

  • Quebec City: 418 628-6808

    The appointment center in the Quebec City area receives an exceptional volume of calls. It is possible that the line is "busy". If this is the case, you must call back later or make an appointment online.
  • Portneuf : 418 337-4611, ext. 2599
  • Charlevoix :
    • Baie-Saint-Paul Hospital: 418 435-9129
    • La Malbaie Hospital: 418 665-1700, extension 1146
    • CLSC de Baie-Sainte-Catherine: 418 665-1700, extension 6400
    • CLSC de L'Isle-aux-Coudres: 418 438-2788
    • CLSC de Saint-Siméon: 418 665-1700, ext. 6400
  • English-speaking community: 418 684-5333

Before your appointment

What to bring?

At your appointment, don't forget to bring :

  • The prescription in printed form. Any document that is not properly identified, signed, or filled out correctly may be refused.
  • Your health insurance card.
  • Your hospital card, if applicable.
  • If the blood test or sample is not free: a credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex) or a debit card. Cash is not accepted.

You do not have a valid health insurance card?

If you do not have a valid health insurance card, or if your health insurance card is not valid, you will have to pay the fees for the withdrawals, even if the service is posted as "free".

Fasting or not?

Some blood tests and samples must be taken on an empty stomach. This means that you must not eat or drink before the blood test or sample is taken.

How do I know if I need to fast?

If you need to fast, the doctor has told you. Sometimes it is written on the prescription.

If your doctor did not tell you to fast and your prescription does not say so, you can eat and drink normally before your blood test or blood sample is taken.

How long should I fast?

The amount of time you should not eat or drink depends on the medical test that will be done with your sample. Follow your doctor's instructions.

Is it important to fast?

If you are asked to fast, you must do so. Eating or drinking may affect the results of your test.

Do you have any questions?

Call your doctor or the testing center you have an appointment with.

During your appointment

When to arrive for your appointment?

Show up 10 minutes before your appointment time to register.

Can someone accompany you to your appointment?

If you need assistance, you may be accompanied. This is the case, for example, for patients who are minors, who suffer from certain cognitive disorders or who have difficulty getting around on their own.

If you do not need assistance, you cannot be accompanied to your appointment because of the COVID.