In order to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus and to protect the health of interpreters, remote interpretation is recommended. 

Remote interpreting

  • Interpretation by telephone

Please note that the Bank of Interpreters of the Capitale-Nationale (BICN) is not responsible for connecting by phone the interpreter and client at the time of the appointment. It is important to specify the telephone number that the interpreter and/or user should call at the time of the appointment.

  • Interpretation by videoconference

BICN interpreters have been informed about the possibility of receiving requests for interpretation by videoconference through Teams or Zoom telehealth. Interpreters wishing to use these platforms have received the necessary information. However, some interpreters do not have the technological prerequisites to interpret by videoconference or prefer not to use this communication mode. Do not hesitate to contact us for support in selecting an interpreter.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance selecting the right interpretation mode.

If in-person interpretation is maintained, the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) must be provided to the interpreter. Interpreters have the right to refuse to perform a service if they have reasonable grounds for believing that their health or safety may be compromised.

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Evenings, nights and weekends: contact the coordinator at your facility